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The VP Education Fund provides necessary school supplies to ensure that every child is supported and empowered in their educational pursuits.

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The VP Education Fund vision is to provide educational assistance to any child who is pursuing their desired educational goal, no child should lack the supplies and resources that they need in order to get the education he or she desires.


The VP Education Fund will ensure that every child from their entrance to kindergarten be equipped with the necessary school supplies needed to enhance their learning experience.

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The VP EDUCATION FUND was started in 2019  as a give-back in honour of Mrs. Verona Patterson. That year the fund gave 62 students at the Askenish Primary School in Jamaica WI back to school backpacks. The fund also gifted 5 teachers with appreciation lunch bags and school supplies for their everyday classroom work.


Since then the fund has filed and was granted its 501(c)3 non-profit status and has continued to provide resources such as books, data, masks, and prizes to children in Hanover, Jamaica WI. The fund's vision is to support children's education in the USA and Internationally. Visit our donate page to see how you can assist.


It was such a pleasure to contribute to the VP EDUCATION FUND because I know how much of a difference that would make for a parent and their child. I have been at a place in my life where I have needed and could not find the assistance to help with getting my children equipped and ready for their first day back to school. So the needs of parents and how they feel when they are not able to properly provide for their children is dear to my heart. I am happy that this fund is there to assist in that area and now that I am in a better position I will continue to support the fund.


Understanding Parent

I want to thank the VP EDUCATION FUND for their gift of back to school backpacks and supplies. It was such a help  for me and my family as we had 3 children that we need to buy supplies for their back to school. That year saved us so much so we could use those funds towards their uniform and shoes for back to school.


Appreciated Parent

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