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The truth is, the first back-to-school give-back was not thought of as being that. The planning was supposed to be a tribute to the late Verona Patterson (founders' grandmother) who served her
Church in the district of Askenish for her entire adult years.


She was known for her efforts and love of collecting donations for the church’s events notably, their yearly rally where they
competed with the other districts and one would become the winner with the most collected funds. A title she proudly gained with each passing year.

My grandmother was an avid fundraiser she started right after the event each year. She always had an envelope marked for her rally event.


Anyone she came in contact with was going to hear about it and would be made their promise to pledge their donation their names would be written down and believe me she would find them to collect when its time.


Looking back, she was ahead of her time in marketing.
So, in the 10th year of her passing the idea was to honor her with a plaque at her beloved church along with a giveback to the children that attended the church.


However, after many failed attempts to have a memory plaque displayed inside the church the idea of honoring her with a giveback at the school that was located steps from where she lived was formed.


The 1st voucher recipients from the VP EDUCATION FUND (2019)

Our Impact

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VP Education Fund gifted backpacks to students who are returning to school.

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VP Education Fund gifted data to students at Askenish Primary School in Hanover, Jamaica WI, who used computers for distance learning during Covid-19

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VP Education Fund donated masks to students

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VP Education Fund textbook give back to students returning to school.


Delighted  to Announce the Awardees of the 
VPEF 2023. PEP and Tertiary Scholarships!

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