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About Our Founder

My name is Paula Scarlett...

I am a wife, adoptive mother of two girls, stepmother of two girls, mentor, entrepreneur, registered nurse and advocate for helping others unlock and achieve their full potential.


I founded the VP Education Fund in honor of my grandmother Verona Patterson who didn't receive any formal education; however, was such an advocate and champion for students receiving an education.


It warmed her heart and brought her smiles to hear of not just her own but all students' achievements along their educational journey.


So when I saw there were still students facing challenges in achieving an education, based on lack of school supplies and educational materials, I knew the VP Education Fund would be a resource to assist many students in achieving their educational dreams. Thus, the VP Education Fund was born!


Meet Our Team

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Board President 

I am Sybil Brown-Kerr, a resident of Malcolm Heights, Lucea in the parish of Hanover, Jamaica. I have been an educator for forty years, thirty- four of these years were spent at the Askenish All-Age School in the district of Askenish. It is now renamed Askenish Primary. Nineteen of the years in Askenish were as a classroom teacher and fifteen as a principal. I am presently on pre- retirement leave and will retire effective September 1, 2022.

Teaching is my passion and I do this with great enthusiasm and my greatest joy comes from working with students that are considered slow learners. I have spent a lot of my time with these students even out of school hours. Seeing these students overcome their academic challenges and now making positive contributions to society has been the high point of my teaching career.

Vice President 

Edris Johnson is an educator and sociology professor who loves engaging with students and assisting them to unlock their potential on their educational journey

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Donna Lindsay she is a Nurse Technician and child advocate specializing in children with autism. Her life's work is to ensure that all students have access to their education no matter the level they may be on.


Annette Logan is currently working in the mental health field as a psychiatric technician and advocate for children with disorders, which she has enjoyed doing for the past 18 years. She is originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica and has a strong passion for helping others. Her hobbies include traveling, spending time with her three sons and reading health and wellness books. Her compassion and care is to reach students at the level that they are able to receive and understand information and gradually move them from one level to another.

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Board Advisor

Ms. Daphne Ridley is a retired Registered Nurse and Faculty instructor, who has spent the majority of her time in the areas of capacity building with individuals within their desired fields. She has been sought after for her advice, wisdom, and encouragement and never hesitates to share her wealth of knowledge with others. Ms. Ridley is an avid reader and sought after educator who believes that if one has the ability to read then they would have already started their journey towards understanding their ability to achieve their desired goals/dreams. The VP Education Fund is honored to have Ms. Daphne Ridley in the role of board advisor as she lends her knowledge as an experienced educator.

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